Every fiscally prudent person knows that it is would be irresponsible not to take advantage of a sale when it comes along, and this weekend for board gamers there are two great opportunities to show how responsible you are!

Humble Book Bundle: Game Design & Puzzlecraft by Lone Shark Games & Friends

If you’ve ever considered branching out from playing games to designing games, Humble Bundle has a great bundle up right now chock full of games on game design. The books cover everything from theory to how to go about getting funding for your design, and the whole lot is a heck of a deal for as little as $15. If you’ve never used Humble Bundle before, it’s a charitable cause where developers offer a collection of games (or, in this case, books) available on a pay-what-you-want structure. There’s a block available for making any donation, a block available for beating the average, and a block available for donating above a set amount. The money is split between developers and charities, with the buyer given control of how that breaks down, and the offerings are always worth significantly more than even the top-bracket minimum. If you feel like being cool, and have the financial means, you can even contribute well above the final threshold amount. The deal expires at 2 PM EST on August 15.

Steam Board Game Weekend

If you’re still just looking to play, Steam is running a sale on a bunch of digital versions of board games this weekend, too. Playing digital games is a great way to get more game time in, as you don’t have to worry about getting together a big group or can meet up with friends you can’t see in person. For my money the biggest get here is Tabletop Simulator, a game which, well, simulates tabletop gaming. There are mods for it available now for pretty much any game you can imagine, and at half off it’s running for just $10 this weekend. It’s a great way to try out a game you may want to buy a physical copy of. The sale ends this weekend.